Words of Wisdom for Entrepreneurs Starting Out


Here’s a few words of wisdom for those starting out as entrepreneurs –

The most important aspect is your mindset. MindsetChanging your mindset takes time, dedication and patience. It’s not an overnight thing or something you can rush. To properly develop the instinctive mindset and thinking mentioned throughout The Executioner, you need to listen to the recommended recorded audios about a hundred times each. Yes, I said 100 times each. Think you don’t have that amount of time? If you multi-task you do. I would listen to them at least a thousand hours a year while I drove or worked out at the gym. You can listen while you’re getting ready in the morning, or going to sleep at night.

I would also follow up by reading and listening to the other suggested audios and books several times within the first year. This will solidify your mindset and reinforce the thinking needed to succeed. After I had my positive mental attitude (PMA) conversion to mastery, I would slow down the listening to five hundred hours a year. I’d try to listen to audios and plan my CEO duties before I started my business.

I would put myself into “having to” action by becoming a bootstrap entrepreneur. Riding this figurative bootstrapentrepreneurial bull constantly pushed me outside my comfort zone, which is where nearly all real world learning and opportunity happens. This forced me to learn the business from the ground up.

I spend most of my time doing my CEO duties, which are the contents of The Executioner. This is how I developed my excellence. I do the least amount of conventional and management duties possible. They are so toxic to a CEO.

So, to review the sage advice –

  • Get your mindset and thinking right
  • Be patient and dedicated while you make your conversion
  • Listen to the recommended audios 100 times each in the first year to solidify your mindset
  • Listen to the audios on your way to work to help you focus on your CEO duties for the day
  • Push yourself outside your comfort zone
  • Minimize conventional and management duties, as they are toxic to a CEO

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