Why Personal Development Helps Achieve Success in Business


kmcoWhen I started KMCO, I thought it was my chance to make a lot of money in business for myself. I knew that I needed personal development to compete at a high level, but I didn’t realize how much! Somehow I thought that my attitude and motivation were enough. But after many years of working and watching so many other successful CEOs, I now have a little different perspective.

I’ve learned that we have to first become the person, leader and team member able to achieve the best business practices before we can execute the steps needed for success. It’s why it always took me a hundred times more effort to implement the best business practices that I read about in books than what the books actually implied. Today, we all tend to know what practices the best 2-5% of businesses do to succeed. But why can’t most businesses do these practices? The answer is that the leaders and businesses have not developed enough personal improvement-wise to be capable of executing them.

When I was stalled out in my execution of the best practices in 1998, a thousand times the effort was not working for me. When I joined Vistage (a CEO master mind group dedicated to take CEOs from good to listening to audiobookgreat), I received an audio tape on The Duties of a CEO by Walt Sutton. I listened to that tape every single day to train my brain. After awhile I started doing the duties of a CEO instead of the toxic duties of a manager. My business production started to really take off!

Looking back, doing the toxic managerial duties was a key obstacle that was holding me back. Since then, I have uncovered more roadblocks that I’ve had to overcome. A direct correlation exists between personal development and business success.

Train your brain.

Identify roadblocks.

Never stop your quest for personal development.

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