Time is Abundant for the Most Successful



Truly successful people view time as an abundant commodity, while the other 99% view it as a scarce commodity. The universal truth of the 80/20 principle states that people at all levels, including the best CEOs, accomplish relatively little of value with 80% of their time. In other words, even the most productive people on earth get relatively little from 80% of their time. 80 20 principle

You may have a hard time believing that 80% – or more – of your time is mostly dissipated in relatively low value activities. You’ll come to see this more clearly as you develop. I’m not claiming that there is an abundance of enslavement time (there’s not), but there is an abundance of success time. It’s all about perspective and how we think about time.

You can conventionally think like most, that there are not enough hours in the day to perform all that needs to be done. Or you can think as the elite winners, who realize that there is enough time to address the most important non-urgent elements of every day. You can’t be free if you are enslaved by time. Freedom is needed for great success. How you think about time makes all the difference in the world.

Iclock and compassnstead of being enslaved by the clock, you should be guided by the compass of purpose that makes time your servant and paves the way to achieving your dream goals. Like those that have freed themselves of the clock, it takes a lot of time and effort to free yourself of your enslavement work and learn to effectively do what matters most.

Start today. Look at where you spend 80% of your time and see if it produces the results you want. Identify the important 20% of your time that produces 80% of your results and focus more on this.


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