The book is here!


I am so excited to announce that The Executioner is now available! The eBook as well as hardback versions book coverare available on Amazon. Thank you to all who helped make this possible. This is a project that I poured my heart into. I learned so much from Napoleon Hill’s 1937 classic, Think and Grow Rich, but I also knew in today’s day and age we needed an updated, modernized version. This is it, told from an entrepreneurial perspective!

Have you ever finished reading a self-help book, or a business book and wondered what exactly is was you were supposed to learn? That’s because most self-help or business strategy books are filled with so many intangible principles and elusive ideas. The Executioner is a guide to excellence in developing your thinking, goals, positive mental attitude, courage, will-power, people, business, mastery and overcoming self-doubt.   It includes specific examples and it details my 40+ year as an entrepreneur.  Until you develop your thinking, habits and ability to execute, you will not achieve great success. This guide will help you obtain success and excellence!

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