The book is here!

I am so excited to announce that The Executioner is now available! The eBook as well as hardback versions are available on Amazon. Thank you to all who helped make this possible. This is a project that I poured my heart into. I learned so much from Napoleon Hill’s 1937 classic, Think and Grow Rich, but I …


Time is Abundant for the Most Successful

  Truly successful people view time as an abundant commodity, while the other 99% view it as a scarce commodity. The universal truth of the 80/20 principle states that people at all levels, including the best CEOs, accomplish relatively little of value with 80% of their time. In other words, even the most productive people …


Why Personal Development Helps Achieve Success in Business

When I started KMCO, I thought it was my chance to make a lot of money in business for myself. I knew that I needed personal development to compete at a high level, but I didn’t realize how much! Somehow I thought that my attitude and motivation were enough. But after many years of working and …


Challenges as a New Entrepreneur

By the time I started KMCO (my chemical manufacturing business), I had become quite a strong warrior. I had already been in business for myself in total commission sales and consulting for a few years. While I didn’t understand management and entrepreneurism yet, I had obtained a positive mental attitude conversion and believed I was …


Words of Wisdom for Entrepreneurs Starting Out

Here’s a few words of wisdom for those starting out as entrepreneurs – The most important aspect is your mindset. Changing your mindset takes time, dedication and patience. It’s not an overnight thing or something you can rush. To properly develop the instinctive mindset and thinking mentioned throughout The Executioner, you need to listen to …


Why I wrote The Executioner

I wrote The Executioner to help ambitious people accomplish the personal development and action needed to achieve their success objectives. My goal is to provide people with a more understandable and doable process than what exists today. I believe that I’m doing this by building on the shoulders of others, as I started out in …